Lord of the flies

Lord of the Flies
Imagine yourself lost on an island with three other people you barely even know. In are eyes this is a scary feeling when all think about ever seening yourself in a situation like this. While unfortunely this can happen not to us but to somebody else. In the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding are numbers of boys who are under twelve years old stuck on an island after a plans crash. In the story there are four main characters name Ralph, Jack, Piggy, and Simon who are the oldest of the boys. On the island there are many conflicts. In the beginning Ralph was the leader and everyone had a job they were responsible and keep up until they were rescue. Many of the boys start to lack off especially Jack’s who was in charge of hunting. Ralph and Jack never saw eye to eye during the novel because Jack at the same wanted to be leader of his own tribe. Besides all the chaos within the group there are three major symbols that conch shell, Piggy’s glasses and the fire that had everyone’s attention and also savage each other on the island.

Conch shell
At the start of the novel Piggy and Ralph both discover this conch shell. The conch shell is the most powerful symbol on the island. The conch shell symbolized to bring the boys together to discuss their meetings on the island. At the meetings who ever has the conch shell in there hands they have the right to speak quote “We can’t have everybody talking at once. We’ll have to have ‘Hands up’ like at school.”(page 33) With the to help the group hunt for food, build shelters, and find any empty areas were they can have a restroom at and to survive on the island. All boys had a jobs and they had to keep to up by Ralph’s orders. From the start all boys respect the conch and fellow the rules of the island accept for Jack who believe at the beginning he should the new leader and that Ralph was a weak leader. Later Jack begin to ignore Ralph’s orders and at ever meeting Jack always going against Ralph’s word and he eventually leaves the group. After Jack leaves the group Ralph slowly loses respect from another boys. Around this time Jack begin to start his own tribe, which made many of the boys seek away from Ralph’s camp. With the conch losing of all it’s power Jack is taking over Ralph’s camp. While Ralph was blowing the conch the boys begin throwing stones telling him to leave, suddenly Jack and hunters find Ralph and Jack warning him to leave but Ralph refuse which leads the both of them in a fight. Piggy who was with Ralph the whole time telling them to stop fighting trying to peace with both them until Roger another form the island rolls the boulder towards Piggy and hits and breaks the conch. Now the power has shifted from Ralph to Jack. Jack has proved that he will do anything be leader on the island. After Piggy is killed and the conch is gone Ralph has no control on the island and now afriad of Jack’s tribe is after to get him.
Piggy’s glasses
Piggy who the biggest boy in the group. He is the second captain to Ralph and intelligent. Piggy’s glasses is the main symbol to keep fire on the mountain top quote “His specs use them as burning glasses!” (page 40). Ralph uses his lenses to focus on the sun for fire. With Piggy’s lenses this is way for them to keep fire on the mountain to be rescue. The boys on the island and Jack picks with Piggy and sometimes takes his glasses because they knew he can’t see without them. Ralph begins to be frustrated with them not thinking beening focus on keeping the fire. After Jack leaves the group and start his own tribe Piggy become a target to them. Jack tribes later on the story goes into Ralph’s camp and steals Piggy’s glasses to start fires not to be resuce but to chant and dance around all night. Ralph lost all the boys focus on begin resuce. Jack has turn the boys into savages and Ralph has no control because they want listen to him. This begin to be raid between Ralph and Jack’s tribe.
The fire is the last symbol the in the book. The fire is on the mountain top for any airplans or ship passing so they can be resuce. Ralph threats to the group especially Jack about keeping the fire going for all times quote “The fire is the most important thing on the island. How can we ever be rescueed except by luck, if we don’t keep a fire going? Is a fire too much for us to make? (page 81). Jack who’s job was to keep up the fire soon tells that food is more important then keeping up fire. Ralph realizes that Jack don’t care about the fire or beening rescue execpt for Ralph. After Piggy’s death Ralph runs from Jack and runs into Sam and Eric two twins on the island guarding for Jack camp. They both give him food and helps him hide in a thicket. The next day Jack’s tribe torture Sam and Eric to tell him were is Ralph until they told him. After Jack finds were he is hiding Ralph runs until he smells smoke that Jack’s tribe set the forest on fire to kill him. As the forest burns in flames Ralph collapes and wakes up and see a navel officer at his rescue.

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In story I think it explains how power can be deadly. Ralph at the begin leader of his camp couraging his camp that will be resuce. Jack who was the least interested in Ralph words begin to ignore him for the start. He begin not to take his orders because that the same time he was jealous of him beening the leader. First he start off turning all the boys against him telling them that Ralph is a lair and they are not going home. Second he break the conch and steals Piggy’s lenses. Jack becames more vicious longer he stays at the island. He lost all his focus on going home instead his was trying to kill Ralph. At last Jack sets the whole forest on fire leaving Ralph to resuce at the end. This book shows that power can control especially the minds of want power like Jack a savage who turn against his own leader Ralph. We can’t really say how we will react beening lost on the island with other people you don’t know, but how will you feel beening on the island in this same situation?